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The PRIME 360 Process and Principles

The Gaddis & Gaddis Wealth Management PRIME 360 Process (G&G PRIME 360) is a comprehensive finanical management system based on our long-term, successful industry experience, access to industry leading applications and the independent advisory services to help ensure performance-based choices in client portfolio development and management. This process is guided by a set of core principles or values that we practice and promote to our wealth management clients.



Client-Focused, Proprietary and Productive 

Risk Management 

Assess, Align and Educate 


Advice, Products and Services 


Proactive, Goal-Oriented and Monitored   


Focus on Long-Term Goals for Work, Leisure and Retirement 

Prime 360 Principles

Gaddis & Gaddis Wealth Management practices and promotes a set of values that we define as the G&G PRIME 360 Principles. These principles are based on our belief that financial planning and life choices need to be considered in tandem. 

These principles include: 

Family Over Fortune - We believe financial planning (for tomorrow) should include the best choices for living and enjoying family life today. 

Values Before Valuables - We believe the way we live today and choices we make are more important than what remains after we're gone. 

Process Beats Products - We believe wealth management client services is a process (and ongoing relationship), not a product (of buyer/seller interactions). 

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