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Our Oklahoma Wealth Management Services

We believe everyone can benefit from financial planning! Let one of our Oklahoma investment consultants get you started on your road to long-term wealth management!

  1. You will want a written financial plan. This goes hand-in-hand with your financial road map. We use the map to lay out your long-term financial plan. It is easier to feel comfortable with your plan when you can see it and it helps you to focus on your long-term goals.
  2. What is your risk tolerance? Are you an aggressive investor who is willing to risk a loss in order to attain a larger gain, or are you uncomfortable with the recent market fluctuations and would feel more comfortable knowing that your money was preserved? We need to know what your comfort level is with investing your money before we do anything. The risk profile is a written questionnaire that challenges you to be upfront and honest about the amount of risk you can tolerate.
  3. We offer a complimentary allocation analysis (including re-balancing recommendations). We recommend a yearly re-balancing of your asset allocations to help your portfolio follow the current trends of the market. Let our Oklahoma CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ (CFP®) work for you.

Quarterly Progress Reports Keep us in Touch With You

Meet with your consultant quarterly, if you choose, to do an in-depth review of your portfolio's progress.

Semi-Annual Asset Structure & Strategy Meeting

Discuss market trends and how they are affecting your portfolio. Learn about new investment strategies that can potentially increase your income and decrease your taxes.

Pro-Active Goal Tracking and Client Contact

We want you to know that we are working hard for you. We monitor your portfolio against your financial goals and contact you when we feel there are changes needed.

Cash and Debt Management

Our professionals offer counseling on cash and debt management and how they relate to your big picture. Your financial health is our job.

Risk Management

Market trends and fluctuations require continuous management of your portfolio's allocations. We watch closely and try to proactively contact you to make any changes necessary.

Tax Planning

We offer tax-efficient strategies with the goal of helping you minimize tax obligations. Neither Kestra IS nor Kestra AS provide legal or tax advice and are not Certified Accounting firms.

Pro-active Investment Management

We are registered professionals in the field of investment planning which means a lot of homework on our part. We are educated on market trends and investment strategies designed to take advantage of current market conditions.

Retirement and Distribution Planning

Maintaining your money throughout your retirement years and having enough to live the life you want is very important to us. We plan for that when we help you set up your retirement distributions. Call today to start your Oklahoma retirement planning today.

Estate Planning Updated Yearly

There are many, many factors that figure into the amount of your estate that you will have to pass to your heirs. Our professionals offer extensive estate planning to take the work off of your shoulders. We are your Oklahoma estate planning professionals.

Team Leader

It is important to your wealth to have all of your professionals coordinated and working together for your benefit. We will work as your personal financial team leader and work closely with your CPA, Attorney, Insurance Specialist, and any other, as needed.

Contact us to schedule your complimentary no-obligation portfolio check-up.


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