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Comprehensive Wealth Management

Maintaining your wealth and living the lifestyle you want throughout retirement is a concern for everybody. We also understand that you want enough left to pass along to your heirs. We have developed a management process that can help you pursue your goals, ease your fears and give you confidence.

Comprehensive Wealth Management, (CWM), is a portfolio management process that takes into consideration many aspects of your life to develop a plan for your future. A part of your CWM process may include the use of Values-Based Financial Planning™, a tool that helps you keep those things that are most important to you in mind while dealing with your financial future. It can also help you pass along your family values as well as your assets.

Getting Started

Your first meeting will include an interview. This is time to share your goals and ambitions that become the basis for your plan. During this interview, a Financial Road Map™ is created in order to give you a written idea of where you are now and where you want to go. This roadmap serves as a foundation for your financial future, but it can be adjusted as life changes occur.

We know that there are many factors that can contribute to your financial success and each of these are discussed while mapping your future. They include, but are not limited to, cash and debt managment, risk management and insurance, tax planning, investment management styles, retirement and distribution planning, estate planning, etc. This plan is based completely on your needs, wants and desires.

Your Account Receives Extra Attention

Every quarter we do a review of your portfolio and the progress is diligently monitored. Any special needs or requests are addressed immediately. We can track down lost or destroyed stock certificates, figure cost basis, and work as a liaison with your accountant on tax issues or with your attorney on estate planning issues. Those are just a few of the extras our CWM clients enjoy.

Comprehensive Wealth Management is a fee-based management program for a specific and limited client base. We know that not every client qualifies for this intensive management program. We encourage you to visit with Roger Gaddis to discuss your compatibility with our Comprehensive Wealth Management program.

We would enjoy the opportunity to tell you more about how our CWM program could benefit you. Contact the office for a no-cost initial appointment.