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Our History

Gaddis & Gaddis Wealth Management

When the company opened its doors in 1995 as Linsco Private Ledger on Arlington Street in Ada, Oklahoma, it was the city’s only financial services practice which was not located on Main Street.  It was a daring move at the time by Founding Partner and Principal Roger Gaddis, who is registered as an investment advisor with Kestra Advisory Services, LLC. but in subsequent years -- as more financial services institutions located in this area of town -- that daring move proved to be something else: independent thinking.

In fact, it has been independent thinking that has guided the practice throughout its 25-year history.  While Roger and Leigh Gaddis, co-founders of Gaddis & Gaddis Wealth Management, both had in-depth experience in the financial services industry prior to founding the practice, they realized that alignment with an independent financial services firm like Kestra Financial would provide the better opportunity to serve their clients.

“The relationship with Kestra Financial allows us work with clients to find the specific financial services and products to fit their individual needs,” Roger said.

It was this same independent, forward thinking that inspired Roger to combine his Certified Public Accounting certification with a CFP® (CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™) certification.  Roger believes the combination offers a significant advantage in serving wealth management clients, yet only 10 percent of the estimated 70,000 in the U.S. are also licensed CPAs, according to the CFP® Board.

Measured Growth

With early and ongoing success in Ada, the business was able to expand into additional markets in Oklahoma.  In 1998 they added offices in Ardmore (to serve existing clients) and in McAlester (as a result of Leigh’s client relationships).  Then, in 2005, the business acquired an existing practice in Durant, opening the fourth office to serve existing and new clients in that area.

And while growth and expansion are a measure of success, throughout its history, Gaddis & Gaddis Wealth Management has always maintained priority focus on client service and client relationships.

“There is an important balance or ratio between the number of clients a practice represents and their ability to provide quality service to those clients.  Maintaining that balance is of fundamental importance to this business,” Roger said.

Client recognition is also important.  Over the years, Gaddis & Gaddis Wealth Management has organized client events and receptions to celebrate special moments in the history of the practice.  

Another special moment of recognition came in 2013 when the 6,500 member Oklahoma Society of CPAs presented Roger with its annual “Outstanding CPA in Financial Planning” award.*

25 Years and Counting

And so it is with the founding of the practice on January 16, 1995, that Gaddis & Gaddis Wealth Management began a 25 year history of service to clients in Ada, in Oklahoma and other markets in U.S.  With a firm foundation based on independent thinking and dedicated client service, Gaddis & Gaddis Wealth Management is poised for “more of the same” over the next 25 years.


Gaddis & Gaddis Wealth Management

Corporate Timeline

1995 On January 16, Roger Gaddis opens Ada office as an independent financial advisor associated with Linsco Private Ledger, predecessor of LPL Financial.

1998 In August, Gaddis & Gaddis Wealth Management Co-Founders Roger and Leigh Gaddis open offices in McAlester and Ardmore, Oklahoma.

2001 Roger Gaddis celebrates 20-year anniversary as a CPA (Certified Public Accountant).

2005 Gaddis & Gaddis Wealth Management opens office in Durant, Oklahoma.

2012 Oklahoma Governor Mary Fallin appoints Roger Gaddis to the Board of the Oklahoma Teachers Retirement System (OTRS).

Roger Gaddis celebrates 20-year anniversary as a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™.

2013 The Oklahoma Society of Certified Public Accountants (OSCPA) awards Roger Gaddis the annual “Outstanding CPA in Financial Planning Award” for 2013.*

2014 Oklahoma Governor Mary Fallin appoints Leigh Gaddis as a Commissioner for the Oklahoma Wildlife Conservation Commission.

Roger Gaddis is reappointed by Governor Fallin to a second term as a trustee on the OTRS Board.

2015 Gaddis & Gaddis Wealth Management celebrates 20th Year Anniversary.

2016 Derek Hines joins Gaddis & Gaddis Wealth Management as LPL Financial Advisor and Durant office manager.

2017 Roger Gaddis celebrates 30th year as a wealth manager in the financial services industry.

2018 Gaddis & Gaddis Wealth Management introduces PRIME 360 Process and Principles system based 30-plus years of client service experience.

Derek Hines named Minority Interest Partner.

2020 Gaddis & Gaddis Wealth Management celebrates 25th Year Anniversary.

*This award is based on industry tenure, community involvement as well as a variety of other factors. No fee was paid to receive award. Award recipients are nominated and awarded based on the following criteria: a financial planning professional who is a member of the OSCPA; distinguished by having made a significant contribution to the growth, enhancement and public awareness of the CPA in the financial planning community; and nominated through a formal process by an OSCPA member at large, committee or chapter.